Remote KaddyTM  is a unique new product that magnetically holds your remote at Home or Office . . . a home for your remote!  Remote KaddyTM allows the convenience of always knowing where your remote is while you focus on having fun . . . its the perfect home for your remote.

Best Remote Holder Ever Made . . . Remote KaddyTM is patented with specific magnetic technology making it extremely functional and durable. It works with any remote -- it even works on other electronic devices.  i.e. cell phones, pagers, garage remotes and much more. Available in some stores. 

Instructions are simple, just peal the adhesive off the back of Remote KaddyTM and affix to any hard surface area (metal, plastic, glass, wood, but not leather, vinyl or rough surfaces) in your home or office. Then peal the adhesive from Remote KaddyTM adapter and place on your remote or media device . . . itís just that easy! No more hassles searching around for your remote.

Remote KaddyTM is also known as a Remote Kaddie, TV Remote Holder, TV Remote Control Holder, Magnetic Remote Kaddy, Kaddie or Holder. 

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